Customized Order Service

If you are looking for a customer size not found on our website, please no hesitate to contact us for enquire. Most of the wall art in our website is available in extra-large size up to 120cm*180cm rectangle or 150cm*150cm square. Probably even larger. We are unsure if we can ship it to you, as it depends on where you are and what size you need. To order them in extra-large size, please contact us, we will check and place order for you.

Printing Services

Our Print Studio’s sole task is to provide our Artists, Photographers and Clients with the finest standards of professional and archival quality art prints.

Our Studio houses the latest in EPSON technology. Our use of archival Epson inks ensures your print with hold true to the artists vision, both in its clarity and vibrancy.


Our range of heavy weight, gallery grade printing stock includes:

Canvas: Our 260gsm – 450gsm Archival Photographic Matte canvas are beautiful, subtly textured stock suitable for both flat artworks or for stretching over a canvas frame. With options to stretch or frame, this stock is a unique and versatile way of creating beautiful works of art.


Satin Luster: With a subtle sheen this stock is perfect for clarity and depth of color.


High Gloss: Artworks printed with glossy finish have a natural shine to them. They are designed to reflect as much light as possible. One of the greatest differentiators between matte prints and glossy prints is this extra layer of shine – so a glossy print is actually a matte print with an added layer of gloss!

The addition of gloss seems to have a positive effect on the colors of an image. The colors of glossy prints seem deeper and more vibrant.

Gloss seems to also add definition to the borders of an image, so images appear brighter and clearer. The gloss is added as an extra layer, to specifically add shimmer to a print.


Art Matte: If you want to minimize the shine of a print as much as possible, a matte poster finish is the best choice for you. Because matte finish prints minimize light reflection, they can be displayed in highly illuminated areas such as living room walls or near floor lamps.

The less intense light reflection of a matte print finish is caused by a combination of the refractive and light scattering effect of the matte coating. True to color, this product is popular with both artists and galleries and is a personal favorite of our team.

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